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Welcome to the Birmingham Freedom Project, we deliver a range of awareness and empowerment programmes for women affected by domestic abuse.

All programmes are women only and are delivered by two female facilitators both of whom have many years experience in supporting women affected by domestic abuse.

There is no charge, and we only accept self referrals. If you would like to attend one of our programmes please call 07868163103. 

Freedom Programme – 11 week programme open to women 16+ who want to learn more about the reality of domestic abuse in relationships. Each session explores the abusive tactics, controlling behaviours and belief systems of the dominator and the effects on women’s health and well-being. This programme is run continuously so you can join in at any week as each session stands on its own.

Recovery Toolkit Programme – 12 week programme for those who are no longer at risk from the abuse, designed to assist you to build your confidence and self esteem and look at ways to develop positive lifestyle coping strategies. This programme runs January – March,  April – July,  September – December.

ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Recovery Toolkit – A 10-week programme aimed at helping adults develop positive coping strategies. It has been developed to educate parents about the impact of ACEs on themselves and their children. The programme offers guidance on protective factors that can help reduce the impact of ACEs, and provides practical methods for parents to develop resilience within themselves and their children. This programme runs January – March,  April – July,  September – December.

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 If you are in immediate danger please call 999


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