Womens Comments

Comments from women who have attended previous programmes:


The course was brilliant..it opened my eyes. I went to a meeting on the Tuesday, started the freedom programme on the Wednesday and ended the abusive relationship on the Thursday…thank you to Jackie and Donna they are amazing x

At first I was apprehensive about attending the project, on my first meeting I felt like I wasn’t alone there were other woman in similar situations. Great & fantastic opportunity to meet new friends.

really helped me to understand the abuse that I had suffered and how it effected my children. It stopped me feeling sorry for my ex and going back to the relationship. without the programme I would not have survived as I felt so low and would have given in to him.

I now know he was abusive to me and my children and that I wish this had been taught in schools as I would have been able to spot the signs a lot earlier. Every young person should do this, it has been a revelation and I have learned so so much. thank you so much for everything

Being educated about the dominator and the impact he has had on me. Having a safe space with other women who understand my situation.

It has changed my life for the positive and will have a positive impact upon any future relationship(s) I get into. Thank you Donna and Jacky, you have been amazing and helped to change my life and thinking for the better. By also looking at ‘warning signs ” and “the friend”, I feel empowered. This programme should be available for adolescents in Schools, in order to break the dominator’s cycle.

It is life changing and a positive support mechanism

all of it, quiz, feedback parts, jacky and donna, made it fun, made to feel welcome, the books were great and the workbook was really useful to show social worker what I had learned. It also made me stronger at meetings as I was able to explain clearly about the actual abuse that I had suffered. Gave meaning to my experience for the first time. Childcare and bus tickets were a big part in my attending, without these I would not have been able to go as no one else offered my any childcare.

Identifying the different traits and tactics of the abuser

To give other woman & men the knowledge of Dv. It’s not our fault

Donna and Jacky were amazing, down to earth, honest and inspirational. The abuse is very confusing and it takes time to unpick the work of an abuser; Donna and Jacky’s approach ensured that at no time the women who attended felt it was their fault and provided a safe environment for us to start the healing process and come to terms with what we’ve been through. The course needs to be taught in schools to decrease the chances of young girls becoming victims; education is the key, once you know the warning signs and have your ‘freedom eyes’ you have the confidence to say no and assert it.

It has given me an insight into domestic abuse so I can think about things better. I didn’t realise before this programme what my relationship was like with my ex partner. I thought it was normal how he acted and also my actions towards him which were nothing but go with the flow, surviving day by day

I am so glad I attended and have been inspired to give back to other in similar situations. It has been an eye opener and helped me move forward from certain issues that have been holding me back!!! We’ll done and thank you

This programme is valuable for any woman to help build confidence awareness and talk openly and safely about experiences

I now realise that I am not to blame and that none of it was my fault

This programme is one of the best things that I have ever done in my life. It is filtering through to all my other relationships

I didn’t deserve to be treated the way I was and he is solely to blame for his behaviour, not me


At first I was requested to go by social worker but I realised within the first few sessions that yes, I was being abused

The whole experience was great, I met other great women and I learnt a lot about abusive tactics

I’ve regained my confidence, I’m able to do as I please and be myself. I’m more aware of tactics of a dominator

I’m more confident and outgoing, I no longer think of my life as empty and useless

It has been a very valuable and worthwhile experience and I have suggested it to other women I know


Each week my eyes were opened up more and more

I met others who had been through the same as me, Knowing I wasn’t the only one made me realise that it wasn’t my fault

I feel so much better about myself, more confident, more sociable and a lot happier

I used to make excuses for him, now I realise that he knows exactly what he’s doing, he is in full control of his actions

I feel like a better person and have a better chance of getting my children back as I know I will not be in this situation again

I have so much extra knowledge now and am able to tell people exactly what he did, I couldn’t put it into words before


I didn’t have any idea that I was a victim of domestic violence, I now know that I was abused and I now know all the early warning signs of an abusive man

I now have no contact with my ex and I am so much stronger

Learning that I am not alone and that it was not my fault and that I couldn’t change him was an eye opener for me



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I think it is important that we all learn about domestic violence as sometimes we don’t even realise we are being abused. I now know it wasn’t normal behaviour

I wish I had been taught this at school

I was so confused about what was happening to me, I now I realise that that was his aim. We are easier to control when we are confused

It helped me regain my self worth as I was finally getting the right support

We laughed a lot. It was knowing laughter

I was living in fear and oppression, the programme was a lifesaver

The programme gave me the courage and support to leave my partner

I have met so many other women that have been through the same as me, I didn’t realise it happened to so many others

I feel so much better within myself and feel confident in spotting abusive behaviours and tactics

Have a clearer understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like

I know what to look out for now, I understand the very subtle early warning signs

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It is great to talk to people who understand

I believed that I loved him and that the abuse was normal. I now realise that he was abusive and that it was not normal behaviour and that I deserve better

The programme has helped me so much, I now know that it wasn’t my fault and that he is to blame not me

I finally gave up on the hope of him changing. Why would he when is abuse gets him rewards!

I no longer feel to blame for how I was treated. I realised that he believes he’s right and that he’s entitled to treat me this way. Society backs up his beliefs too

I have finally realised my own strength and courage and that there is life after him!

I have opened up so much since coming to the group. I am a new person

I learned that being hit isn’t the only meaning of domestic abuse

I feel empowered and am now doing a degree

I feel stronger and more alert and more aware of abusive behaviour

Love the group discussions, I’m glad I eventually came

Feels good to be part of a group and not feeling so alone

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I am starting to value myself and have returned to work

I realised that I am not imagining it after all, just because my marks cant be seen doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. My scars are inside but are starting to heal

It gave me the courage to leave my abusive partner

Feel less isolated now and am more confident

I realise that ‘I matter’ and that I deserve to live a life without fear

I feel safer and no longer walk on eggshells and nor do my children

I have learned that abuse is a choice, he chose to abuse me

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